3D Artist and Game Developer

Fast Movers (Work in Progress)

Fast Movers is a flight combat game currently being worked on. It will be an arcade flying game with some fleet building and RTS elements. Here are some update videos showcasing some of the features.

Gateway, Short Film

Gateway was a 23 minute film I did for my senior project. It had live action scenes coupled with 3D animated scenes along with scenes of 3D composited creatures with live action footage.

This was the first big project I did that used a wide range of my skills in computer animation, 3D modeling, special effects, filmmaking, script writing, storyboarding, video editing, directing and cinematography.  I completed all the work involved myself, and the actors were talented volunteers from the drama class.

Here is the full movie.  I titled it, ” Gateway.”

We had 4 big filming days where we filmed most of the crowd shots. After that, the main actors and I got together and shot the rest of the movie on several different days. There were two main characters along with 2 supporting characters who played as friends. There was a couple teachers at the school who played as teachers in the film.


All of the camera work was shot by me, along with all of the scripting, storyboarding, video editing, 3D animation, and special effects. I modeled several of the creatures in the film but I used premade models whenever I could.


Here is a short article in the Nevada Appeal they did on the film.


I created several posters for the film that was used to find actors and extras, along with advertising the final screening day of the film.


Logging Empire (Work In Progress)

Logging Empire is a game where you build a logging company. The gameplay consist of harvesting logs from the forest using various machines and vehicles, such as log harvesters to cut down trees, skidders and forwarders to bring them back to the loading area, and loaders to load the logs onto the trucks. Harvesting wood produces money which you can invest into more vehicles and workers.

Work that was done

1. AI Logic (For harvester, Skidder, Loader, Truck)    2. Tree Cutting Scripting    3. Unit Orders and Selection    4. Audio

5. 3D Modeling      6. Animation and Effects  7. Money/Purchase System

Assets Used

A*Pathfinding Project, Terrain Assets, Purchased Audio.

Air Guardians

Air Guardians is my first published game on Steam. It is a Sci Fi air combat game. I did all of the scripting and programming, with some help of the asset store. The models were purchased and modified except for the enemy spaceships. It took about 7-9 months. The game offers controller support as well as controller mapping. All of the trailers were built by me. Please check out the steam page down below.


Work that was done


1. Aircraft AI Implementation   2. Ngui  Interface Menu creation and scripting.  3. Turret AI Scripting

4. Mission/Level Scripting    5. Game Design      6. Controller Support Scripting   7. Event Triggering

8. Tutorial Scripting     9. Particle Effects  10. Terrain Creation  11. Loading/Saving Missions  12. Game Balancing

13. All Audio   15. Bug Fixing   14. Performance Optimization  15. Camera Scripting  16. Cutscene Creation

17. Trailer Creation    18. Marketing    19. Managing player feedback     20.Customer Support


Assets Used

Airstrike Starter Kit, Turbosquid Models, World Composer, Ngui, AutoAim, Purchased Audio.


Air Guardians On Steam (Click Here)


Gameplay Video

Age Of Steam (Work In Progress )

Age of Steam was an ambitious multiplayer first person shooter game. It’s set in a Steampunk theme. I did most of the scripting with the help of a few store assets.


Work that was done….

1. Respawn System   2. Building Placement tool   3. Vehicle enter/exit system   4. Building Destruction System

5. Vehicle Modeling     6. Turret Controls.  7. Capture point system. 8. LOD System   9.Building Construction System

10. Multiplayer Networking


Assets Used

Eddies Vehicle Physics, FPS package, Terrain Assets, Tank Controller, Purchased audio.



Destructible Buildings